The Orange Jacket



Orange Jacket Winner 1 Catina Wilson




Orange Jacket Winner 2 Patricia Matthews


The Masters awards the historic green jacket every April to the golfer, who wins the prestigious tournament. EWGA Atlanta West & South chapter awards the Orange Jacket to the member, who accrues the most points throughout the golf season.

The Orange Jacket is a yearlong competition (February – October) to recognize and reward participation in Atlanta West & South activities. All season there are numerous opportunities for members to participate in various chapter activities and events.

How do I earn points?

Points accrue as you participate in any of the activities listed below.

The Orange Jackets’ standings



Attend golf clinic or education session

Mentor a new member

5 points (per session)

10 points (per session)


Recruit a new member

Establish a handicap

Get a Hole-In-One at weekly play or event

Become a chapter member

Recruit a sponsor

Become a sponsor

20 points (per member)

25 points

50 points (per Hole-In-One)

6 points

30 points (per sponsor)

35 points (per sponsorship level)

Social Outings

Attend kickoff event

Participate in 19th hole celebration

Other social activities

Winter Getaway – Hilton Head

Fall Outing – Destination Clearview

5 points

3 points (per event)

2 points (per event)

18 points

18 points

Weekly/Monthly Play

Weekly play 9-holes at any location

Monthly play

Monthly play volunteer

3 points (per round)

9 points (per round)

7 points (per round)


Chapter championship

Chapter championship volunteer

Dixie Cup Challenge

Chapter season finale

25 points

10 points

6 points

10 points

What do I win?

At the end of year celebration, the Orange Jacket will be awarded to the member, who accrues the most points. Prizes will be awarded to nine (9) members with the next highest point total.

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